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The Film Connection explores movies by following a niche central theme, or connection: 5 episodes that go bonkers for Billy Wilder here, 12 episodes that rave about Robin Williams there. You get the idea! So, if you’re a hardcore cinephile, an enthusiastic film fan, or a flat-out geek, you'll enjoy listening to The Film Connection.

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    Robin Williams: Moscow on the Hudson

    In what must be considered one of his most challenging roles, Robin Williams plays a Russian defector trying to make his way in America. Those hilarious boys from One Good Thing ( join me to discuss.

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    Robin Williams: The World According to Garp

    Hermione Flavia of joins me to discuss George Roy Hill's adaptation of John Irving's classic novel, The World According to Garp.

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    Robin Williams: Popeye

    Linda Stuurman, the creator and curator of the Robin Williams fansite,, joins me to discuss Robert Altman's bizarre big screen adaptation of Popeye.

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    People Hunting People: The Naked Prey

    Cornell Wilde gets stripped to the buff by angry tribesman and is made to run for his life. Listen in as we enjoy the full National Geographic beauty, the wild savagery, and the near nudity of The Naked Prey.

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    People Hunting People: The Most Dangerous Game

    There is a time for hunting and a time for love. Steven and Matthew go deep into Count Zaroff's creepy castle as they discuss the pre-code nasty that is The Most Dangerous Game. Enjoy!

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    Jean Vigo and L'Atalante

    Film Journalist and ASU Professor Jeremy Carr joins me to discuss the short life and filmography of Jean Vigo

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    Studio Ghibli: When Marnie Was There

    Hermione Flavia of joins us to discuss the heartrending tale of a lonely girl who become friends with a mysterious child living in the seemingly deserted marsh house, nearby. But is Marnie a ghost? The product of a disturbed mind? Or is she really here?

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    Studio Ghibli: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

    Steven is joined by Paul Salt of the podcast One Good Thing to discuss Isao Takahata's beautiful and tragic watercolour masterpiece, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.

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    Studio Ghibli: Howl's Moving Castle

    Wizards, witches, fire demons and giant moving castles. Hermione Flavia joins Matthew and Steven to discuss Hayao Miyazaki's epic fantasy.

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    Studio Ghibli: Whisper of the Heart

    "Take me home, country roads..." What do a John Denver classic and magical cats have in common? It's the coming of age romance, Whisper of the Heart. Hermione Flavia of joins Matthew and Steven to discuss one of Studio Ghibli's lesser known efforts.

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    Studio Ghibli: Laputa: Castle in the Sky

    That magnificent Miyazaki and his flying machines. Matthew Whitaker of the action cinema podcast Cinema Bushido joins me to discuss the truly wonderful, Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

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    Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen: Singing in the Rain

    Is this the greatest movie musical of them all? Paul Salt, of the podcast One Good Thing, joins me to discuss this Gene Kelly classic, co-starring Debbie Reynolds and the peerless Donald O'Connor.

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    Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen: On the Town

    Horny sailors singing, dancing and chasing girls and all crammed into just one day of shore leave. Join us as we go On The Town with Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Ann Miller.

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    Bill Murray: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou

    Bill Murray is an aquatic adventurer in Wes Anderson's gorgeously detailed, deadpan masterpiece. Those hilarious boys from the podcast One Good Thing join me to discuss The Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou.

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    Bill Murray: Lost In Translation

    For a relaxing time, make it Bill Murray time. This poignant, atmospheric story of two lonely people adrift in a strange country and falling in love, might just be Bill's true masterpiece. Niall Browne of the website Movies In Focus joins me to discuss Sophia Coppola's classic.

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    Bill Murray: The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Is this '97 Bill Murray flop one of the most underrated comedies of all time, or did it deserve to be scathed by critics and ignored by audiences? Matthew, Lee and Steven debate.

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    Bill Murray: Quick Change

    Is this the best Bill Murray you've never seen? We are joined by the wonderful Hermione Flavia of to discuss Murray's only directorial credit, Quick Change.

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    Bill Murray: Stripes

    For the first in this five part series all about the legendary Mr Bill Murray we revel in the guilty pleasure that is Ivan Reitman's aaaarrrrmyyy comedy, Stripes.

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    Billy Wilder: The Front Page

    Perhaps more than any other of Billy Wilder's movies, the gloriously acidic press room comedy, The Front Page deserves reappraisal. The Cinema Bushido boys join me once again.

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    Billy Wilder: Kiss Me Stupid

    Film journalist and critic Jeremy Carr joins me to discuss Billy Wilder's largely dismissed sex comedy, Kiss Me Stupid.

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    Billy Wilder: One, Two, Three

    I'm joined by the legendary cinephile James Hancock of the podcast Wrong Reel to discuss Billy Wilder's politically charged One, Two Three.

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    Billy Wilder: The Apartment

    Billy Wilder's The Apartment is a romantic, suicide, comedy-drama. It may be among the most lauded movies in history, but does it stand up to scrutiny? Listen in!

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    Billy Wilder: The Lost Weekend

    Ray Milland tussles with his boozy demons and toys with the affections of two women. We discuss and take a tipple ourselves.

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    Ghost in the Shell / Akira

    We discuss the empty shell that is Ghost in the Shell (2017), and the anime classic Akira

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    Life / The Thing

    We discuss murderous aliens that will make you scream, whether you can be heard or not.

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    The Lost City of Z / Fitzcarraldo

    We journey into the depths of the Amazon to discuss British adventurers and the mad genius of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski.

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    Elle / Lady Vengeance

    We talk dark desires and warped revenge, with Paul Verhoeven's new movie, Elle and Park Chan-wook's Lady Vengeance.

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    Hacksaw Ridge / Gallipoli

    We talk about Mel Gibson, Peter Weir and the horrors of war.... Honourable mention goes to Andrew Garfield's hair.

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